We are embracing the green revolution

Inn-Style Guest house is moving swiftly into a new way of addressing the greater needs of the planet by adopting various green values within the guest house.

Our accommodation options come with both green principles and the luxurious comfort that we all require.


We have always had a passion to do things differently and support sustainable, responsible tourism and believe that practising greener philosophies is a necessity that we will all have to address sooner than later.

We are continuously searching for new options to “green up” and change, by keeping our core values at focus and following a number of initiatives to ensure that we have a minimal impact on the environment.

These include:


• Recycling paper, plastic, tin, glass, etc.

• Making use of a heat pump for heating our geysers

• Installing water-saving showerheads

• Toilets have a dual flush mechanism

• Lighting powered by LED energy saving globes

• An ECO pool cover lowers our energy consumption and stops water evaporation

• All organic matter is used to make compost

• Having an active worm farm

• Growing our own herbs

• Making use of gas where we can

• Motivating our guests to switch off lights and appliances not in use

We support local artists and our establishment is decorated with Peter Van Straten’s  extraordinary artwork, which are all for sale at our premises. Please click here for further info on the artist and a stunning display of his remarkable and talented work.




The projects we are working on for the very near future include:


• Biodegradable cleaning products

• Jojo water tanks for garden irrigation and pool

• Handmade eco -friendly guest soaps

Inn-Style Guesthouse donates to Animally Haven

Inn-Style Guesthouse donates a portion of the funds received from every nights accommodation booked,
to Animally Haven to support them to better the lives of animals in their care.


Thank you for your support, towards helping this wonderful organisation!


ANIMALLY HAVEN is a Non-Profit Animal Sanctuary that was founded in 1999 and is run by Gianna,
who is passionate about giving animals who have come from unwanted,
abused and neglected situations a second chance at living a better quality life in a safe place.


ANIMALLY HAVEN provides a compassionate, pro-life and homely environment for their resident animals,
who have either been too badly abused to be re-homed, or have special needs.


Check out Animally Haven’s Facebook Page for more info

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